Friday, May 17, 2013


So, I don't come on here much because I've been trying to do my school work, which is all online. It's a program called NovaNet. I need to finish Algebra 2, Physics, and English by June 13th. T.T
If anyone wants to help, just give me a ring! ;D

So, anyway, I currently weigh 145lbs. I have 30lbs to lose until I'm 115lbs! This coming Monday I'll be leaving for the beach and I'll be back Thursday. Then on Friday I'm going to Dorney Park! So, once I'm done my school work, I'll be on here much more often!


  1. Most of us google our questions. If a 13 year old googled, how to get skinny fast, how to loose weight fast etc... You get proana sites up. A 13 year old isn't mature enough to understand the dangers. Or maybe some are, but it seems exiting with a community who are supporting eachother.

    Are you willing to contribute in a 13 year old boy/girl dying because of this? Would you recommend this diet to your little sister or brother? Or your niese or the neighbors child you babysit? My guess is no, because you know this disease is horrible to live with. It's consuming, your best friend and your worst enemy.

    The point is that you might affect teenagers or other people. I understand the illness isn't easy to live with, and I understand the need of support from others in the same possition. But are you willing to drag other people with you down? Is it worth it?

    Yes, you can always find information other ways, and there are people who have an ED without these sites. But what if that one girl or boy never would have even thought about starving him/herself before reading your blog?

    I hope you will read my comment with open thoughts and understanding.

  2. I would love to help you with your Algebra 2 if you'd like. I'm really great at Maths.