Monday, June 10, 2013


So I did the flush that day, and I assume it went well. It was my first time doing it and I experienced everything they said I would. It was a little difficult drinking a liter of salt water in 5 minutes though.

I weigh 135lbs. Yesterday, I managed to stick with 160 calories for the entire day! I was very proud!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Salt Water Flush

So, I just drank the salt water for the salt water flush. I hope it works! I'll make a post talking about if it worked or what happened! :3

I weighed myself this morning and guess what! I'm 135lbs! That's 2lbs gone already!

I'm contemplating making a Tumblr. I used to have one and I had a few hundred followers, but I deleted it like last August.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Food Diary

I think I'm going to make a page on here that has what I eat every day and the calorie content.
I have an app for my iPod where I put everything I eat for the day and it has the calorie content and everything. It's the FitnessPal app and I love it!

Also, I'm 137.4lbs (62kgs and 9.7 stone)!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


So, I've been working and haven't been on the computer recently, that's the reason for my lack of posts.

Here's a breakdown of what's been going on:
I eat less than 500 calories a day, I've been doing that for about 2 weeks. I lost 4 pounds in those 2 weeks.
I don't feel hungry or anything. I currently weigh 141 lbs.
I got a vitamin for my hair, nails, and skin.
I've applied to Wawa for a job. I'm waiting to hear back.
My mom is pregnant.
I'm still single, but still talking to that guy.
That's it though!

Friday, May 17, 2013


So, I don't come on here much because I've been trying to do my school work, which is all online. It's a program called NovaNet. I need to finish Algebra 2, Physics, and English by June 13th. T.T
If anyone wants to help, just give me a ring! ;D

So, anyway, I currently weigh 145lbs. I have 30lbs to lose until I'm 115lbs! This coming Monday I'll be leaving for the beach and I'll be back Thursday. Then on Friday I'm going to Dorney Park! So, once I'm done my school work, I'll be on here much more often!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm back!

Welp, I had the baby on May 1st at 8:51 AM. He was 8lbs 3ozs and 21 1/2 inches long. He is absolutely gorgeous, I'd post a picture but I don't want him on the internet. I haven't weighed myself yet because I don't have a scale, but I'll be weighing myself tonight at the gym! So, I just thought I would update everyone so you don't think I've left or anything.(:

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Splenda and Rainbow Diet Update

Be careful with Splenda, it has 3.36 calories. Just a little tip. c:

RAINBOW DIET UPDATE: So I find that my hunger levels are decreasing rapidly and I don't feel as hungry as I normally would. So, I suggest before starting a fast, do the Rainbow Diet for a week to help prepare you. Try modifying it as well. I've modified it to decrease the calorie amount!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Induction Date!

Today I had another doctors appointment. I found out I lost 2 lbs, I am now 169 lbs!
I also now have a scheduled induction date! I will be induced on Tuesday, April 30th at 10:00 AM! Let's see if I can lose some more weight before then.(;
I'm VERY nervous to push a baby out of my vagina though. ._.
Apparently, the size of my belly is only measuring 35 weeks, meanwhile my due date is tomorrow. So, all in all, pretty good news. :3

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rainbow Diet Tips

I started the Rainbow Diet today to prepare for my fast after I give birth.
Here are some tips for this diet:

  • get bags of apple slices for the white day. The kind I got have 30 calories in them, which is lower then the estimated amount of half of an apple.
  • For strawberries, cut them in to 8 pieces and sprinkle some Splenda or Stevia on top, its actually yummy.
  • On the Sunday before you begin the diet, get all of the food you need and measure it all out and put it each item in a separate plastic container.
  • Drink herbal tea on this diet. (Oolong tea, White tea, Peppermint tea, Green tea, Jasmine tea, etc.)
  • Chew slowly.
  • Use a fork to eat these and cut the food and eat each piece one by one, not two or three at a time.
  • In the morning, make a lot of herbal iced tea!
  • If you still feel hungry, eat some ice.
  • When shopping for the food, try to get only what you need. Don't get a large quantity of fruit that you don't need. You're wasting money and you will probably eat more than what you should. (However, if you do feel a binge coming on, it is better to binge on fruits and veggies rather than junk food.)
  • If you don't look a certain food on the diet, substitute it for a veggie or fruit that is the same color and of equal or lesser caloric value. I substituted 1/2 a red pepper for 1/4 cup of strawberries.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite Weight Loss Calculator

Okay, this is my FAVORITE weight loss calculator. I've been using this for years and it is great for reference and keeping my hopes up for losing weight!(:

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Goal Weight

I'm trying to be at least 135 lbs by May 24th because that's when I go to Dorney Park. So, for that to be possible I need to basically fast from right after I give birth until then and exercise constantly. I'm going to try and do my best. Maybe I'll start some slight exercises now for my arms and legs. I'm doing squats anyway because I heard it can help start true labor. I'll be going to the gym everyday right after birth because my grandmother wants to start going back ASAP.

I'm going to probably be posting a lot on here during my water fast to keep my mind off of food for the first 3 days because those are always the hardest days. I need to get back into shape as soon as possible. The stretch marks from the pregnancy are horrendous so no more bikinis anyway. I got a monokini from Target and I want to look good in that. My belly button piercing is also nasty looking! I'll post a picture of my stomach tomorrow. Then I'll take a picture of my stomach right after birth or the day after. And then I'll start posting a picture of my stomach every week.

Tuesday Doctor's Appointment

Welp, I'm a centimeter dilated! And I think I started losing my mucus plug last night! So, hopefully he'll come soon. I haven't gained any weight since my last appointment, so that's pretty good, right!? My next appointment is next Tuesday but I'm hoping I go into labor before then.

Monday, April 15, 2013


So, yesterday I went to see my great grandfather's grave. Him and I were very close.

Anyway, I was trying to figure out how much weight I'll lose right after I give birth. It looks like I'll lose at least 11 lbs right off the bat(7-8 lb baby, 2 lb placenta, 2 lbs of amniotic fluid and extra blood). Then in the first week I'll start losing all the water weight, which will be 4-6 lbs. So I'm hoping I'll lose at least 15 lbs in the first 2 weeks.

While looking around I saw a post from a girl who gained around the same amount of weight as I did, and the second day of giving birth she was 31 lbs lighter! This is giving me a lot of hope!

I'm going to try and fast for at least 7 days, I say "try" because my grandmother may not allow it to last for 7 days, but I did get her approval for at least 3 days. Her an I will be going back to the gym a week after I give birth so I'm excited to start getting back in shape! I need to be at least 130 lbs by May 24th, when I go to Dorney Park. I'm determined to lose this weight.

I do have some stretchmarks on my tummy, I'll probably post a picture. I'll probably do a time lapse of my stretch marks because I'm going to try and make them a bit fainter. I have Palmer's Stretchmarks lotion, pure Shea body butter, Vitamin E oil, Mustela PostPartum intensive cream, Mustela Hydrating Lotion, pure Shea butter shower cream, pure Shea butter body scrub, a rough loufa(to exfoliate) andI will bee getting a body wash with cocoa butter.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Back From the Doctors

So, I had my doctors appointment this morning. They checked my cervix and said it was soft, but still closed. His head is also down, so that's good I suppose. They said my cervix isn't ready yet for me to be induced. I'm going back Tuesday afternoon to be checked again and I'm hoping it'll be different. It would be even better if I went into labor this weekend! I'm ready to give birth and not be pregnant!

I play the violin, and even though I'm finishing this school year online, May 16th is the orchestra concert at my school and I'll be in it. Then May 25th we are performing in a music festival and going to Dorney Park after, so I need to lose A LOT of weight by at least May 24th because I plan on wearing a tank top and shorts.

I weigh 171 lbs at this moment, so I went up 7 lbs and I don't understand how because I've actually eaten less than last time. My grandmother said it may just be water weight, but I know I've got some extra fat on me. I cannot weight to start dieting and exercising again.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


My grandmother and I have been talking about dieting after I give birth. We're going to do a fast together for 3 days to cleanse our bodies. Then I'm going to be on a whole foods diet. I'm not going to eat any processed foods, except for diet soda. I'm probably going to do the "Rainbow Diet" after Noah is born as my first diet. I'm going to try and do every diet I have listed in my "Different Diets" page so I can review them and post my results for anyone curious. I won't do any of the diets that require me to eat meet though because I am a vegetarian and I have been for 2 years.

If you're trying to lose weight, I seriously suggest either becoming a vegan or vegetarian. I'm going to try vegan in a few months. I just need to find a good ice cream substitute that uses soy milk.

Doctor's Appointment

Tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment at the OB/GYN. I've been having appointments every week now for a few days. I'm asking about an induction. I'm hoping they say yes and I can schedule it for April 18th. April 18th is my deceased great grandfather's birthday. Him and I were VERY close.

Last night I skyped with the soon to be adoptive family. I found out what they want to name him. They want to name him Elijah Lane. The story with that name is really touching. I'm naming him Noah William. (For a child to be adopted they need to have a name.) I'm really glad I get to name him.

Noah has been moving a lot lately and I'm very uncomfortable. My hips keep locking up and my back always hurt.I'm ready to not be pregnant, I want to meet my Noah.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I'm skyping with the adoptive family today. I'm really nervous for some reason! I hope I don't get too emotional.. They're really great though. They have a 6 year old son. The mother is a nurse, so she'll be able to help with my son's problems if he lives past birth.

I know they're what is best for him, but I will always wish I was what's best for him. I love him so very much.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Post!

Alrighty, well, this is my personal blog. I will never use real names. I will not post a picture of my face, however, I will post picture of my body to show my progress and such. If you read the description, you know that I am, in fact, pregnant. I will not be trying to lose weight until I give birth because at this moment, my unborn child's life is the most important thing to me. He has a brain malformation and he may not live past birth, but he is being adopted because I cannot financially support him. He was conceived through rape, but I love this little boy with all my heart. My due date is April 24th.

This blog is going to be used for me to escape my life and talk about it. It will also be my food log and diary. Last May, I was seeing a therapist for anxiety and EDNOS. However, we couldn't afford the sessions anymore and I wasn't ready to recover from EDNOS. I am 16 years old. I am a vegetarian. I am 5'9. My current weight is 164 lbs. Once I give birth I will post my weight.

Here are some basics that are going on in my life.

My grandparents adopted me when I was 12 years old, however, they have had custody of me since I was 3 months old. I see my mom everyday. I have a little sister, we have a different dad though. My little sister gets dropped off at my house after school. I do not see my father, he walked out of my life when I was 8. I have a sister who is two months older than me, we have a different mom. I see her once a year, at the most.

I am single, but "talking" to this really great guy, we'll refer to him as Fluffy, because he has fluffy hair. I'm hoping after I give birth, we can be in a  relationship. I really like him and he tells me he really likes me too.

So, all in all, until I give birth, this is just going to be used as a little diary.